7 ways you can help the book


Friendship Redeemed is a book for those who want to deepen the love of Christ, grow/strengthen their friendships, and grow in their knowledge of God's word. The goal of this book is to bring the gospel to the center of your friendships. I truly believe that this is a book will transform your friendships. My prayer for this book is that it will serve and strengthen both you and your the local church.  I am very excited about this book, and I hope you will help me get the word out for it.

Here’s how you can help me get the word out of Friendship Redeemed:

1. Buy a copy of the book.

You can purchase the book in print format and on Kindle at Amazon .

The book can also be purchased at

Monergism Books or Barnes & Noble

2. Write an Amazon review.

After you buy the book and read it, give it a helpful review on Amazon

3. Buy the book for a friend.

Buy this book for believing or non-believing friends. I have attempted to make this book both fun and easy-to-read. This book is Christ-centered and constantly points the reader to cross of Christ. This book shows not only our need for redemption, but also our need for the gospel in our everyday lives as believers.

4. Buy the book for your pastor at your local church.

If you can get the book into your pastor’s hands at your local church, then that will be a huge success for Friendship Redeemed.  My desire when writing this book was to serve the local church. Allow this book to accomplish its goal by getting a copy of it into your pastor's hands.

5. Buy the book in bulk and take your Sunday school class/small group through it.

If you are a pastor, or someone who is a teacher in a local church, buy this book in bulk and take that group through it.  This would be a great resource for Sunday School classes or small groups to go through. While reading about friendship, your class will also learn the overall biblical narrative. While writing this book I had the goal of teaching the major plot-line of scripture. If you are looking for a book that will deepen your class's knowledge of God's word, yet provide real application I believe this will be a great resource for you. 

6. Give it a shout out on your social media profiles.  

Give Friendship Redeemed a shout out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Add this link to your post (http://amzn.to/1iEyZzC). On Instagram, you can use this pic. In all your posts, use #FriendshipRedeemed so we can track it.

7. Post a crazy picture yourself with the book.  

This one is a fun one. Post a picture of yourself and friends with the book in random places. Remember to add the hashtag #FriendshipRedeemed


Thank you for your help and prayers.  May this book be used by God to make much of the Lord Jesus Christ.

~ Shalom ~

-Adam Holland